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We've all heard of wagering requirements for slot bonuses and slots at Slotzo generally, but how exactly do they work?

With this handy guide to wagering requirements for slot bonuses, you'll soon get to grips with the basics of how wagering requirements work. What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement is also often times known through the terms a play through, a roll over, or a turn over requirement, and these are all meaning the same thing.

What a wagering requirement is then, sometimes referred to as the other terms listed above, is basically a restriction which is placed on a casino bonus.

So, what does that mean? A restriction placed on a casino is done so, so that there is a rule which dictates how much you can play a game and on what game you play with a bonus before you can withdraw any of the funds.

So for example, if you get a bonus of £10 with a five time wagering requirement, you have to play with £50 before you are given the ability to withdraw any funds.

But, saying that, five is usually toward the more low end of the scale - its more common in fact for a casino to have a wagering requirement in place of 55.

Why do casinos have wagering requirements?

The reason wagering requirements exist is so that immediate cash outs are prevented. Casino bonuses in the past had been abused by people who only put bets down on those games which were low risk.

So these days, requirements are in place to make sure that only a small percentage of capital that has been wagered on low risk games is contributed toward the wagering requirements.

Some points to keep in mind though when it comes to wagering requirements that are worth mentioning, if you are unable to find the game edge specifics around deals then as a rule of thumb usually this means that the lower the house edge, the lower the wagering requirement.

No deposit bonuses are also worth a mention at this point - these offer the highest wagering requirement in the shortest period of time.

With slots wagering requirements, these may not contribute to the requirements for card game bonuses, it is worth bearing in mind too that wagering requirements relating to all games will vary greatly from casino to casino, and you can find some bonuses that have no wagering requirements what so ever.

How to find a good casino wagering requirement

It is a good idea and it is totally worth checking through all the casinos online - which won't take you very long to do at all - to see which casino bonus you can get to find out which has none or low wagering requirements.

Although these sort of casinos can sometimes be hard to come by, with not even the best casinos and bonuses offering as low a wager requirement as you'd like, the most useful thing to rectify this is to just simply check out all of the terms and conditions that the casino has published before you sign up for the bonus to make sure it is the right one and the best one for you.